The fundamentals

Adalyser is integrated with the key sources of UK linear TV spot data – broadcasters, audience measurement services BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board – the organisation responsible for UK audience measurement) and technology providers. This flips the task of loading spot data from being a potentially laborious and mainly ‘manual’ exercise in sourcing, reformatting, error checking and importing large volumes of data to one that simply involves flipping a switch to activate a spot feed.

Sophisticated tracking tags automatically capture web response data.

Tried and tested regression based attribution models attribute responses to individual spots coupled with unparalleled visualisations highlight campaign performance and under performing media spend.

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How does Adalyser work?

Attribution Analysis

Adalyser attributes responses to the advertising - offline or digital - that triggered it.

From leads, appointments and sales to web visits, registrations or subscriptions, Adalyser provides a rich library of attribution models that can be customised for specific campaigns. Plus there's no need to reload or reformat data to change an attribution model.

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Digital Media Analysis

Adalyser identifies significant patterns and relationships in your advertising spend using correlation analysis. The most common is the relationship between spend and response.

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Getting started with Adalyser couldn't be easier. Adalyser is accessed using your web browser and updated centrally, so there's no need for any software installation. A secure log-in and your business can benefit from using Adalyser immediately.

  • Easy to use
  • Cross media
  • Optimise spend
  • Data handling
  • Track performance
  • Planning insight


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