Optimising TV with Roco

“The data we got back from Adalyser was so vital” - Patrick Woodward

Roco is an online children’s formal wear clothing company. Founded in 1973, Roco was a small family run business. When they first began using TV advertising as part of their marketing strategy 3 years ago, Roco were unaware of the advantages of optimising their campaign. Patrick Woodward, their Head of Digital states they “just let it run without optimising absolutely anything”.

Since using Adalyser for their TV, their campaigns have done “a complete 180”. By using Adalyser, the team at Roco were able to analyse data in real-time. The level of insight that Adalyser provides enables brands to not only analyse data straight away, but also prepare for the future much more accurately.

infographic analysing roco's success story and the benefits of using adalyser