Adalyser's print features


Before you can optimise we need to capture your schedule and response data. Our data load teams will help process and transform your print schedules so you can focus on optimisation. Simply pass over your data in its current format and Adalyser will do the rest.


Adalyser contains a suite of attribution models dedicated to print and print campaign data structures. Voucher codes, promo URL's and geographical information can all be used to increase the accuracy of attribution.


Adalyser attributes at insertion level and can aggregate based on any periodic or schedule concept making it easy to compare position, creative, size and publication. Dynamic filters enable you to pinpoint those investments dragging your campaign down.


Adalyser provides comprehensive hierarchical and matrix analysis tools along with user defined charting tool and user defined real-time dashboards that can be shared between users or partner organisation. Adalyser allows you to cut through your data in real-time identifying under and over performing insertions.

Getting started with Adalyser couldn't be easier. Adalyser is accessed using your web browser and updated centrally, so there's no need for any software installation. A secure log-in and your business can benefit from using Adalyser immediately.

  • Easy to use
  • Cross media
  • Optimise send
  • Data handling
  • Track performance
  • Planning insight


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