27th November 2017

Feature Release V2.9.59.0 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including new clone dashboard functionality.

What's New

  • Clone dashboard functionality. Users can now clone all dashboards associated with another campaign or clone specific dashboards which will be appended to the current campaigns dashboards.
  • US / Australia region TV spot reporting. Territories with multiple timezones can structure TV campaigns to broadcast multiple instances of the same spot. This enables an advert to be shown at the same local time across multiple timezones. During attribution these spots are split into ‘broadcast instances’. This ensure response from multiple timezones is attributed to the correct spot. The change reconstitutes broadcast instances into an original ‘booked spot’ for reporting.
  • Sector mix insight jobs
  • Campaign 'Overview' - Interactive dashboard.
  • Manage Labels. Users can now edit labels within Adalyser.
  • Indirect attribution models now support event sources allowing for more flexible campaign structure.
  • New day part builder allowing for custom day parts to be constructed.
  • Extensions to BARB spot generation functionality to better support all audiences.
  • Extensions to PTV module to allow copy mix to be specified for specific stations.

30th June 2017

Feature & Bug fix release: V1.0.5.0 EU / APAC (Push) / V2.9.27 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature and bug fix release consisting of new Adalyser metric suite, enhanced tracking consolidation services and enhanced tracking tags.

What's New

  • Rollout of Adalyser Index. All out of the box (OOTB) analysis options now produce the Adalyser Index (AI) metric providing users with an independent hybrid metric allowing for easier performance comparisons.
  • All V4 machine learning attribution models now take into account larger training data sets in order to increase the accuracy of the models.
  • Enhanced anomaly detection during baseline identification provides more accurate baselines and attributed results.
  • New application label framework allowing users to rename any label or metric within the application so results are better aligned to business concepts.
  • Enhancements to all attribution models to more accurately calculate the indirect effects of TV spend.

30th March 2017

Feature Release V1.0.2.0 EU / APAC (Push) / V2.9.16 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including new insight push functionality .

What's New

  • Adalyser Push allows for any analysis report to be generated automatically and the results emailed to Adalyser user.
  • Enhanced chart builder allows 3,4, and 5 y-axis line, bar or area charts to be constructed.

27th January 2017

Feature Release V2.9.0 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including new audience analysis.

What's New

  • Audience analysis supports all BARB audiences and allows clients to understand when and where their targeted audiences have been delivered and allows clients to identify those sales houses, day parts and channels which can deliver specific audiences.
  • Addition of new indirect response attribution models.

21st December 2016

Feature Release V2.8.91 EU / APAC (Portal)

Defect and feature release including amendments to attribution, statistical and optimisation frameworks.

What's New

  • Optimisation Hub extensions to allow clients to enter predicted spend by day of week
  • Rollout of additional dashboard widgets supporting audience analysis.
  • Defect fix allowing for better sorting when cloning dashboards.

1st November 2016

Feature Release V2.8.90 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including amendments to attribution and baseline frameworks and portal UI.

What's New

  • New look multiple campaign client view.
  • Better integration of targets into chart builder.
  • Support for Thai timezone and associated locale and day parts.
  • Enhanced in page data filters allowing clients to cut through the data and identify optimisation easily.
  • Extensions to attribution and baseline frameworks to better support multiple timezone campaigns.
  • Additional features added to Adalyser Spot Analysis API

1st October 2016

Feature Release V2.8.89 EU / APAC (Portal / Optimisation)

Feature release including amendments to the charting engine, optimisation hub and capture systems.

What's New

  • New and improved charting engine allows clients to build, customise and share their own charts. With Adalyser Chart Builder you can construct single, multiple series line, bar, scatter and area charts with support for insight annotations. Build exactly the visualisation you want and don't rely on pre-built charts which don't quite fit your requirements.
  • Enhancements for 'Brand vs DRTV' options allowing for the easier comparison between the different types of traffic.
  • Additional statistical models providing enhanced predictive features for sales house optimisations.
  • VOD tracking support for clients who are unable to run Javascript client code.

1st September 2016

Feature Release V2.8.85 EU / APAC (Portal / Spot / Optimisation)

Feature release including amendments to the TV portal / spot generation and optimisation hub.

What's New

  • [TV] Enhancements to all periodic visualisation to combine attributed and unattributed response metrics enabling clients to see a more holistic view of response.
  • [Optimisation] Additional metrics and visualisations to support clients whose primary goal is 'Efficiency'.
  • [TV] Rollout of day part builder. Allows clients to construct bespoke dayparts which are immediately available across all reports and visualisations.
  • [TV] Improved integration of all statistical models with creative analysis resulting in better fit predictive models and increased predictive confidence metrics.

5th August 2016

Feature Release V2.8.81 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including amendments to the TV subsystem only.

What's New

  • [TV] Enhancements to the V4 attribution model to reduce the time required to obtain a clean response signal to 60 seconds.
  • [TV] Enhancements to the V4 attribution model to enable clean signal identification from different response sources.
  • [TV] Optimisation hub now supports all statisical / predictive models.

26th July 2016

Feature Release V2.8.80 EU / APAC (Portal)

Feature release including amendments to the all channel sub-systems.

What's New

  • [TV, Print, Web, Outdoor] Enhanced business context labelling. Individual Adalyser campaigns can now be configured with reference to your business context ensuring all charts, reports and metrics are easily understood and aligned to your business.
  • [TV] Channel response analysis which allows users to compare channel response curves supports per second V4 models and includes curve smoothing.
  • [TV] All efficiency related charts now plot results by grouping over time aligned to specified targets.

21st July 2016

Generic Update Release V2.8.79 EU / APAC (Portal)

Generic portal release including amendments to the TV sub-system only. Amendments applied to most aspects of TV including new channel level response analysis option.

What's New

  • [TV] Channel response analysis option allows users to view and compare the response curves for different channels.
  • [TV] Data tables can now be included in Powerpoint reports.
  • [TV] Users can now configure campaigns with the 'Efficiency' goal which in turn unlocks insight aligned to efficiency.
  • [TV] Removal of restrictions governing access to category time window model.

28th June 2016

Generic Update Release V2.8.71 EU / APAC (Portal)

Generic portal release including amendments to Press, TV and Web sub-systems. Amendments applied to UI, reporting, visualisation, optimisation and analysis common modules.

What's New

  • [TV, Print, Web] Enhanced zooming options for all scatter charts.
  • [TV] Increased chart download quality for PNG and PDF.
  • [TV, Web] Enhanced return on investment metrics for all analysis options.
  • [TV] Additional polynomial statistical model to optimisation hub.

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