Transform your campaign management into an automated proactive process allowing you to focus on analysis and optimisation.

Leverage the power
of automation

Campaign Management is traditionally a manual, time consuming and error prone process. With Adalyser, just add your delivery targets and away you go. Your campaign will be monitored nightly against targets and your campaign management report sent to your inbox daily.

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preview of manage product with configuration of peak and off-peak times

Delivery tasks

Tasks support spend or TVR delivery targets for any BARB audience on any channel, channel group, programme or period.

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preview of manage product with engagement chart and breakdown by sales house

Fire and forget

Once your campaign management tasks have been configured and scheduled that's it. Your campaign will be continously monitored against your contracted delivery targets and reports made available online and in your inbox.

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preview of manage product with alarm integration feature

Alarm integration

Don't wait for the end of your campaign to identify under delivery. If during monitoring campaign management detects a delivery issue Adalyser Alarms will notify you immediately.

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Plan, test and optimise your campaigns on the go

Let us do the heavy lifting

Adalyser Campaign Management lets you focus on what you do best, analysis and optimisation. Let Adalyser do the mundane data collection, formatting and reporting.

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"Adalyser offers many valuable insights that we use to deliver on client objectives." - Rocket Media NZ