Research, plan, measure,
optimise and manage.
Adalyser does it all.

A single online platform for researching and planning TV campaigns.
Automated data capture to implement and measure your TV campaigns.
Rule based campaign management to audit your TV campaigns.

Run TV campaigns effortlessly
with automated data collection

Getting started with effective TV planning could not be easier. Our BARB and CARIA integration enables one-click campaign loading and guarantees you always see the latest view of your spot data. Our pricing solutions automatically price your campaigns overnight and our cross device tracking solutions automatically collect web and app response data.

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Brand Analysis, Audience Locator and Conversion Rate Analysis - together they give you all the tools you need to research your next TV campaign.

Don't second guess the effectiveness of your campaign. Compare reach and frequency for hypothetical campaigns with Scenario Planner.

Learn from others Reach and frequency Locate your audience
Understand your market and competitors. Access campaign data for any UK advertiser from the last 5 years. View the reach and frequency obtained by any UK brand. Understand which channels and programmes your targeted audiences are watching.
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Enter your media spend and who you want to target and Adalyser Plan will do the rest. No need to collect, format and merge disparate data sources. Let Adalyser Plan do the heavy lifting.

Adalyser's planning decision engine uses BARB audience data and intelligence derived from Adalyser Analytics to generate an optimal airtime schedule.

Planning made simple Planning decision engines Plan Dashboards
Wizard based planning tool lets you enter your budget, goals and channel mix. Decision engines determine how your business objectives are delivered. Visualise and share your plans with clients.
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Measure the effectiveness of your TV campaigns with our industry leading spot and response data technolgies and attribution models.

Linear and digital as one. Adalyser tracking is able to automatically collect digital impressions and load digital and linear airtime into a single hybrid campaign.

Automated schedule collection Lightweight tracking code Clear and simple visual reports
CARIA and BARB spots loaded and priced automatically. Cross device web and app response capture. Online reporting, visualisations and bespoke dashboards.
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Plan, test and optimise your campaigns on the go


Programmatic TV enables the advertising message, product or proposition to be dynamically updated based on the insight delivered by Adalyser Analytics.

Adalyser’s programmatic solution is available to optimise creative delivery across all Sky channels

Proven results Simple to setup Offers flexibility
Advertisers that optimise multiple creative messages with Adalyser improve their campaign performance by up to 18% Create multiple creative propositions, set the campaign goals and then let Adalyser handle the rest. Promote multiple products, offers or calls to action dynamically.
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Automated, proactive campaign management immediately informs campaign planners of over or under delivery.

Making use of Spot Sync, Campaign Management automates everything from the load of spot data, to the running of the management tasks and generation of reports.

Airtime auditing Automated reports Configurable tasks
Continuous auditing of airtime delivery. Daily reports delivered to your inbox. Configurable tasks to monitor all aspects of airtime delivery.
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